Emotional intelligence has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. Emotional intelligence is also a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge, or expertise. Emotional intelligence involves a set of skills that help us perceive, understand and manage emotions, both within ourselves and in others. Emotions impact the way we think, learn, teach, lead, collaborate, and problem solve. You can apply these skills to improve your self-awareness, resilience, influence and relationships within and outside of the workplace.

Everyone has emotions and is a part of our being human. And whether we realise it or not, these emotions impact us every day. They also impact those around us, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. Emotional Intelligence can be developed and improved powerfully over time. All that is required is practice, a desire, and commitment to improve. Emotional intelligence is the power within. Emotional intelligence is not a mystical something given only to a few people. Anybody can develop their emotional intelligence.

There is a direct link between the way people feel and the way they perform at work. This is one of the most robust and consistent findings in organisational research. In high performing organisations, people feel significantly more engaged, cared for, valued, proud, and motivated than those in low-performing organisations. Conversely, in low-performing organisations, people feel significantly more fearful, stressed, dis-empowered, and uncertain.

Leaders in business looking to improve their organisation’s performance can do so by improving their emotional intelligence in their people: that is, their skill at identifying, understanding and influencing emotion. Research has proven that a person’s emotional intelligence is key to their capacity to high performance. This is more than just a moral compass; it’s also a recipe for success. Organisations with emotionally intelligent people achieve a critical lever of sustainable competitive advantage: a high-performance culture and customer loyalty.

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