The Leadership Checkpoint 360°

The Checkpoint 360°™ is a 360-feedback leadership assessment tool used to evaluate the skills and effectiveness of your senior staff and leaders. This survey compiles a feedback system from direct reports, peers, and supervisors, and then creates a personalised program for effective leadership development based on that feedback. The reports show you how to improve training, management techniques, and communication for greater success.

This tool is used to help your organization improve performance and build bench strength by helping managers identify and prioritise their development opportunities and leadership skills. It can also help leaders discover management issues that could lead to low employee productivity, morale, satisfaction and turnover.

An Overview

The purpose of the CheckPoint 360° System is to identify leadership as viewed by certain groups of individuals who know and have had the opportunity to observe the manager in the work setting. They accomplish this with the collection of ratings from different sets of observers:  Self, Boss (you), Direct Reports, and Peers. The reports explain how to improve training, management techniques, and communication for greater success.  It is used primarily to evaluate the effectiveness of your managers and leaders.

The CheckPoint 360°™ was designed to provide supervisors with information that will enable them to develop top leadership teams by gathering information obtained from the people who work with, and for, the managers in your organization. CheckPoint 360°™ is designed to facilitate achieving the best possible leadership performance. It is a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s managers and leaders. It provides another level of objectivity by combining feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors, and customers, which helps minimise the impact of a single observer’s view. The CheckPoint 360°™ process highlights a manager’s job performance for 8 Universal Management Competencies in 18 key Skill Sets.

What The Assessment Measures

This process highlights a manager’s job performance in eight Universal Management Competencies:

Task Management
Development of Others
Personal Development

An Action Plan with Coaching & Management Considerations is provided for both the leader and the boss. Leaders follow through on development plans when the leadership need is directly linked to a business challenge or pain point.

Reports Available

The CheckPoint reports provide a robust tool with a wealth of information about the leaders in your organization. Each report is presented clearly and requires no interpretation beyond the printed report. The use of business language helps provide a clear understanding for the reader and is designed to describe the individual in a positive manner. The report presents the results in graphic and narrative form to allow for easier interpretation.

The CheckPoint 360°™ competency feedback system provides five different reports. Each report provides valuable insight about the individual(s) being surveyed.

Individual Feedback Report – speaks to the Self (manager). This report provides an overview of Self’s strengths in the 8 Management Competencies, 18 Skill Sets, and 70 survey items. Alignment between the Self and Boss will be shown throughout displaying the ratings received by all respondents. The Individual Feedback Report helps bring an objective look into the performance of the Self. Three of the 18 Skill Sets will be selected as Areas of Focus. At least two of the three areas will be Skill Sets selected by the Boss and/or Self as a Critical Skill Set. The second half of this report is an Individual Development Guide. This guide will describe the strengths and development needs for the three Areas of Focus mentioned earlier in the report.

Management Report – provides the same information as the Individual Feedback Report but speaks to the Boss. The second half of this report begins with a Coaching & Management Considerations segment that speaks directly to the boss to enable him/ her to help the Self-development and Individual Development Plan and make the most use of their Individual Feedback Report.

Comparison Report – compares two different surveys on a single Self. This report uses the same graphs and comparison as the Individual Feedback Report and speaks to the Self. Comparing the two different surveys highlights where improvements have been made. Comments (when gathered) and the Individual Development Guide will be generated from the most current survey.

Management Comparison Report – provides the same information as the Comparison Report but speaks to the Boss. The second half of the report is generated from the most current survey.

Executive Overview – this report speaks to C-Suite level executives. The report is compiled from several different (3 or more) surveys. The collected ratings are analysed to produce three useful indicators of the leadership strengths of your group; Leadership Team Alignment, Organisational Competency Development Summary, and Organisational Skill Set Development Summary.


An assessment link is sent via email to the manager and all respondents. The assessment takes 25 minutes to complete. The results are sent to the manager and boss on completion.

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