Employee Wellness with Work-Life Balance

Understanding employee wellness of the workforce is a critical step in developing a healthy work environment. A program aimed at improving employee wellness can produce extraordinary attitudinal and behavioural benefits, leading to considerable productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved company culture. One way employee wellness is obtained is from a healthy work- life balance, which prompts people to make the necessary adjustments.


An Overview

Having a balance can be challenging. If you are going to give a strong commitment to yourself and perform at your best, and have the desire to work well, then great rewards are there for you when you have a successful work- life balance and thereby achieving personal wellness. You will become healthier, mentally and physically, and exceed your own expectations. This program will teach you how to focus on the important things, set specific and achievable goals, and communicate better with your colleagues and your family at home.

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding the benefits of a healthy balance and wellness.
  • How to identify signs of imbalance and unhealthy behaviours.
  • How to manage stress.
  • How to develop good methods of working.
  • How to manage you time better.
  • How emotional intelligence can help you.
  • How to improve your own morale and of others.
  • How to do mind renewal.

Audience and Format

This program is suitable for all individuals in the workplace.

This program is suitable for all individuals who want to improve their critical thinking skills

The facilitated program comes in the following formats:

  • Conference themes. (Two hour, half day, or full-day program)
  • Off and on-site workshop programs. (Half day, full day and two day’s advanced program)

The program consists of:

➢ Inspirational content.
➢ Participative methods.
➢ Experiential scenarios.
➢ Role-play based applications.

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