The Profiles Sales CheckPoint

The Profiles Sales CheckPoint ™ is a 180- feedback assessment used to evaluate the skills and effectiveness of your salespeople, understand their developmental opportunities, and align priorities to improve employee performance.



The assessment is conducted between the manager and the salesperson. This assessment compiles feedback from the manager which is compared to the salesperson’s own feedback. The combined feedback outlines perceived abilities in skills deemed critical success factors to do the job effectively.The Sales CheckPoint Performance Feedback System is a survey designed primarily to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s sales teams. It provides objective feedback from a salesperson and their Sales Manager.

The Sales CheckPoint process highlights the salesperson’s sales performance for 7 Universal Sales Competencies in 19 key Skill Sets. The Sales CheckPoint was designed to provide Sales Managers with information that enables them to develop top sales teams by gathering information about the salespeople who work with the Sales Managers in the organization. The Sales CheckPoint is designed to facilitate achieving the best possible sales performance. Our clients use the Sales CheckPoint to develop effective sales teams, improve individual sales performance, and design optimal training programs based on responses provided by the Salesperson and their Sales Manager.

Clients also use this system to help Sales Managers identify and prioritise development opportunities for their salespeople.

What The Assessment Measures

Conducted between the manager and the salesperson, the purpose of the Sales CheckPoint is to identify sales behaviours as viewed by you, the manager and your salesperson. There are 79 sales behaviours presented as survey items. These 79 items are grouped into 19 Skill Sets, which further group into 7 Universal Sales Competencies.

1. Entrepreneurial Approach -.• Reflects an entrepreneurial attitude • Time optimisation • Sets effective goals
2. Understands the Prospect – • Recognises buyer behaviour • Understands the purchasing process
3. Develops Appropriate Solutions – • Uses feature and benefit solutions • Knowledge of products
4. Prospects Proactively – • Identifies prospects • Gets appointments

5. Manages Selling Process – • Understands client-centric selling • Establishes rapport • Identifies the prospect’s needs• Counsels prospect
6. Closes the Sale  – • Explores prospect’s options • Presents ideal solution • Overcomes objections • Closes effectively
7. Manages Sales Relationships – • Secures the relationship • Develops the relationship

Reports Available

The Sales CheckPoint provides different reports. Each report provides valuable insight about the Salesperson being surveyed. All reports have an introduction page discussing the contents of that report.

Individual Feedback Report – This report speaks to the Salesperson. It presents an Executive Competency Overview, Skill Set Summary, Critical Skills Alignment Summary, Executive Summary, Skill Set Analysis, Survey Summary of the 79 items, Comments from the Sales Manager (when requested), and a Development Summary Overview. The second part of the report is an Action Plan with worksheets focusing on the career Development Opportunities for the Salesperson.

Management Report – This report presents the same information as the Individual Feedback Report but speaks to the Manager. It also gives additional guidance in the second part of the report for working with the Salesperson.


An assessment link is sent via email to both the manager and the salesperson. The assessment takes 30 minutes to complete. The relevant results are sent to the manager and salesperson on completion.

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