Finance Industry Solutions
In a highly competitive industry where everyone wants to attract more clients and generate more sales, it is imperative for companies and hiring managers to select the right person for the role. Here’s how our assessments can help you leverage people data to prove cost reductions and savings in your HR strategy, ultimately contributing to your bottom line:

Models to Help Predict Future Success

Whether you’re choosing a new hire or an internal promotion, with our  scientifically validated data, you can predict the candidate’s degree of job fit—helping you select the right person for each role.

Shorter Hiring and Selection Cycles

Our assessment solutions can help you filter candidates quickly and effectively while minimising the cost of bad hires. Reduce your hiring and selection times with consistent processes driven by data.

Ensure Excellent Customer Experience

Most roles within the financial industry have a customer-facing component, and organisations that guarantee the best customer experience are the ones that build brand recognition and loyalty. With our assessments, define your expectations for excellent customer service and make sure you select and train people to fit your goals so you will have happy returning customers.

Talent Reshuffle

With increasing demands on the financial system, emerging skills for data analytics, and constant improvements in technology, the skills needed to be a top performer in the financial industry are constantly changing. Our select assessments help hiring managers and decision-makers assess for future roles, possible promotions, career progressions, and even career changes that make sense for you and your people. Help your people grow and challenge their abilities.

Our Assessment Solutions Often Used in This Industry Include:

The Customer Service Assessment

The Profile XT Total Person Profile

The Step One Survey – Integrity

The Sales Assessment 

Finance Industry Solutions