Manufacturing Industry Solutions
Manufacturing roles with high turnover and tight deadlines are hard to fill. Let alone fill with employees who are honest, reliable, and hardworking. Here’s how our assessment solutions can help:

Shorter Hiring and Selection Cycles

Our assessment solutions can help you filter candidates quickly and effectively while minimising the cost of bad hires. Reduce your hiring and selection times with consistent processes driven by data.

Select the Right Talent for Each Role

Whether you’re choosing a new hire or an internal promotion, with our select assessments, you can close the gap between the resume and the interview. Our scientifically validated data helps you focus on key traits and the candidates with the best fit for your organization. Select the right talent confidently.

Hit the Ground Running

You need to make sure your new hire can start performing as soon as possible while also feeling welcome and comfortable in a new role. Our select  assessments will help you know their strengths and challenges in advance, giving you and all hiring managers the possibility to champion a high-performing team from the start. Help individuals and teams shine with easy-to-follow tips.

Talent Reshuffle

In the current job climate, it can be hard to find the right people to hire. However, one of the best talent sources is your own internal pool. Our assessments help hiring managers and decision-makers assess for future roles, possible promotions, career progressions, and even career changes that make sense for you and your people. Help your people grow and challenge their abilities.

Our Assessment Solutions Often Used in This Industry Include:

The Profile XT Total Person Profile

The Sales Assessment 

The Step One Survey – Integrity

The Managerial Fit – Leader, Direct Report Compatibility


Manufacture Industry Solutions