What Are Psychometric Assessments

About Pscychometrics

Psychometrics refers to psychological measurement. It is the science of measuring psychological values and processes.

Why do we assess people with psychometric tools? Two reasons namely:
  • What can I expect of them.
  • What will they require of me.

Psychometric tools can measure the following:

  • Thinking Styles – Verbal skills, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, numerical ability and learning index.
  • Behavioural traits – Energy, assertiveness, attitude, sociability, judgment, independence, conformity.
  • Occupational interests – Mechanical, financial/admin, creative, technical, entrepreneurial, and people service.
  • Emotional intelligence – Self awareness, Awareness of others, Emotional Expression, Self Management, Authenticity, Positive Influence.
  • Integrity, Work Ethic, Substance Abuse and Reliability.
  • Personality type.

It gets to the core of who a person really is. Every person and company is unique, with a series of strengths, weaknesses, cultures, and characteristics. When identified, combined, and utilised, they can be a powerful tool in maximising workplace satisfaction, productivity, and engagement.

Psychometric assessments can be used to:

  • Determine the basic characteristics of an individual.
  • Assess their ability to fit into a specific work environment or with specific personality types.
  • Increase self-awareness and improve interactions with others.
  • Help with individual development and growth.
  • Team building potential – personality and attitude tests.
  • Leadership development potential – skills, personality and attitude tests.
  • Advancement and succession planning – Aptitude, attitude and personality tests.
  • Employee selection – Personality, knowledge and aptitude tests.
  • Individual development potential – attitude and skills tests.

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What Are Psychometric Assessments