Healthcare Industry Solutions
In an industry where people feel overworked and exhausted, it can be challenging to engage, keep, and select the best talent. Excellent healthcare workers are key for community safety, and industry leaders need to make sure they offer the best working conditions for their people. Here’s how our solutions can help:

Select the Right Talent for Each Role

Whether a new hire or an internal move, with our assessments and the end of this page, you can close the gap between the resume and the interview. Our scientifically validated data helps you focus on key traits and the candidates with the best fit for your organization. Select the right talent confidently.

Ensure Excellent Customer Experience

Most roles within the healthcare industry have a customer-facing component, and organisations that guarantee the best customer/patient experience are the ones that build brand recognition, making customers and patients happy. With our select assessments, define your expectations for excellent customer service and make sure you select and train people to fit your goals so you will have happy returning customers.

Facilitate Coaching Conversations

PXT Select solutions will help you leverage data to conduct informed conversations. Striving to get the most out of the interactions with candidates and current employees, we provide valid and accurate data that will help you leverage strengths, be mindful of possible challenges, and learn how to navigate them. Our assessments empower you to create high-performing workforces with consistent information for selection, coaching, and development.

With Data Privacy Front and Centre, Select Trustworthy Employees

Because of the nature of the healthcare industry, it is critical to guarantee your team members are respectful, have high ethical standards, and are willing to comply with the industry norms. Ask us about our integrity assessment.

Our Assessment Solutions Often Used in This Industry Include:

The Emotional Intelligence Assessment
The Profile XT Total Person Profile
The Step One Survey – Integrity
The Customer Service Assessment


HealthCare Industry Solutions