How To Start & Maintain Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs

Organisations in the modern environment are starting to recognise the relevance and importance of employee wellness. Company health and wellness initiatives are a great way for encouraging employees to stay healthy not only mentally but also physically and socially. These initiatives greatly encourage behaviour and attitude change. The ingredients of employee wellness assistance initiatives vary from company to company, but the benefits derived are the same. A wellness program shows employees that the company cares for them and supports them.

But where to start? Power Assessments International can provide expert help in starting such an initiative.


An Overview

The return on investment in an initiative such as an employee wellness program is astonishing. Wellness programs can change the way people feel about their work environment and also change the way people do their work. The changes are behavioural and attitudinal. If a company is to expect a firm commitment from its employees to steadily work at their best, then in return, the employees will desire a firm commitment from their company.

Each organisation requires different things. An employee wellness initiative could comprise various segments.

  • Wellness Days & Wellness Interventions
  • Trauma, Assault and HIV Support
  • Personal Health Advisor/24 Hour Health Advice
  • Tele-Doctor Consultations
  • Virtual Psychologist
  • Managerial and Leadership Support Services
  • Legal Assist
  • Tax and Financial Support

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