The Leadership SELF – Emotional Intelligence Assessment

The Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Self Assessment measures how well frontline leaders believe they demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership behaviours in comparison to others.

An Overview

Leaders in business looking to improve their organisation’s performance can do so by improving their emotional intelligence: that is, their skill at identifying, understanding and influencing emotion. There is a direct link between the way people feel and the way they perform at work. This is one of the most robust and consistent findings in organisational research. In high performing organisations, people feel significantly more engaged, cared for, valued, proud, and motivated than those in low-performing organisations. Conversely, in low-performing organisations, people feel significantly more fearful, stressed, disempowered, and uncertain.

What The Assessment Measures

It provides you with insight into emotionally intelligent leadership competencies that are likely to be very important to the performance of your people. It will also provide you with insight into how well you believe you demonstrate them. Emotionally intelligent leadership competencies are based on emotional intelligence. They reflect what leaders do with their emotional intelligence in the leadership of people.

  • Self-Awareness
  • Awareness Of Others
  • Authenticity
  • Emotional Reasoning
  • Self-Management
  • Inspiring Performance

Reports Available

The emotionally intelligent leadership self-report with feedback tips and techniques on improving emotional intelligence.



An assessment link is sent via email to the leader. The assessment takes 25 minutes to complete. The results are sent to the leader on completion.

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