The skill of AWARENESS OF OTHERS is about perceiving, understanding, and acknowledging the way others feel. 

The core emotional intelligence competencies (in yellow) of the model below help us consistently demonstrate the productive being states on the right side ( in white) of the model, as opposed to the unproductive being states on the left side (grey) of the model that we can all be at times.



Awareness of others is about perceiving, understanding and acknowledging the way others feel. This skill helps us identify the things that make people feel valued, listened to, cared for, consulted, and understood. It also helps us demonstrate empathy, anticipate responses or reactions, and adjust our behaviour so that it fits well with others. When we demonstrate this skill effectively, we come across as being empathetic. People who do not demonstrate this skill can come across as being insensitive to the way others feel.


Awareness of others is necessary in order to take effective steps to influence and facilitate others’ performance; and • People need to adjust their work style to best fit and collaborate with others.

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