The D.I.S.C Flow Assessment

D.I.S.C is a highly accurate tool that identifies an individual’s preferred behavioural style and communication preferences. It also provides a blueprint to help people understand and appreciate what motivates others. The D.I.S.C model measures and describes four styles of behaviour.

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Compliance

Bring DISC Flow® to your organisation now and let the workplace transformation begin.


An Overview

The DISC model is a simple tool that’s been helping people to connect better for over thirty years. DISC Flow® goes beyond where the traditional DISC model ends and by introducing the power of Emotional Intelligence, answers the question “how do I take this knowledge and apply it in the real world”

And the great thing about applying the DISC Flow® model is that while some people have high levels of emotional intelligence as a natural talent, for those that don’t, these skills can be learned and continually improved. DISC Flow® is truly unique. More actionable, more focused, more user friendly, and altogether more powerful.

By combining behaviours and emotional intelligence we have created a tool that is designed to help people have a greater awareness of themselves and others, and crucially, make deliberate choices when interacting to improve communication and create stronger, more engaged and more productive relationships.

Applying the knowledge of DISC in the workplace is straightforward and its benefits can include developing more effective managers and leaders, building cohesive teams, improved sales and customer service, enhancing communication and reducing conflict… to name just a few. We work with leading companies throughout the world and DISC Flow® can be used with everyone in an organisation, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace. The DISC Flow® model has been purposely designed to be simple to understand and easy to apply. We’ve taken a tried-and-tested behavioural model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to help people tap into their strengths and build better, stronger and more productive relationship

What The Assessment Measures

We each have one of the four factors (D I S or C) as our ‘Core’ behavioural style.

D – stands for Dominance – how people react to Problems and Challenges

 I – stands for Influence – how we influence People and Contacts to our point of view

S – stands for Steadiness – how we react to Pace and Change in the environment around us

C – stands for Compliance – how we view the Procedures and Constraints imposed on us by others

3 out of 4 people we meet are likely to have a different core style!

Reports Available

The DISC Flow® Core Report

Aims to comprehensively explain a person’s behavioural style by identifying their DISC type and specific aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

DISC Flow® Portrait

Is a simplified version of the Core report that describes the DISC only results of the respondent. This report has been purposely designed to be simple to understand, easy to apply and provides a wealth of information and insights that will help a person develop their potential.

DISC Flow® Connect

Is a supplementary report that focuses on facilitating a better relationship between two people by exploring similarities and differences in their behavioural tendencies. Based on their DISC type, it also provides a non-judgmental framework to facilitate discussions on how they can best manage any perceived gaps in their work environment preferences, communication and decision-making style.

DISC Flow® Leader 

Explores a person’s leadership style and focuses on their approach to managing group members with different DISC styles. The result is based on the 8 Leadership DISC styles and is contextualised based on the assessment taker’s level of Emotional Intelligence.


An assessment link is sent via email to the candidate. The assessment takes 25 minutes to complete. The results are sent to the manager on completion.

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