There is a wealth of literature detailing the impact emotion has on individuals’ performance in the business world.

The most successful sales and commercial people are very frequently lauded for their ability to connect with their prospects and clients to build strong relationships that become the foundation for future sales. This superior ability to work effectively with others that we see in those top performers is what the research calls ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

Yet few sales training programs expand their scope beyond the discussion of sales tools & techniques, forgetting that at the end of the day successful sales relationships are about people selling to people. The salesperson who can master their products and their organisation’s sales processes and bring this skill and knowledge to their prospects and clients in an emotionally intelligent manner has a distinct edge over their competition.


During this program, you will improve your understanding of the science of emotions and emotional intelligence. You will also explore and practise techniques that will allow you to develop the superior emotional intelligence that typifies top salespeople.

In this program, we will:

 See how Emotional Intelligence has already coloured your work experiences

 Get an insight into the impact Emotional Intelligence has on every interaction we have with prospects and clients

 Explore the neuroscience of emotions and Emotional Intelligence

 Understand what causes positive and negative emotional responses at work

 Review feedback on your emotionally intelligent behaviour, and plan to enhance your ability to ‘show up’ in an emotionally intelligent manner

 Learn how mindfulness practice can enhance focus and concentration

 Explore the neuroscience of mindfulness

 Get an insight into how to deal with different personality types

 Become familiar with the every day ‘triggers’ that either open or close the minds of prospects and clients to our messages

 Learn daily practices become more focused, calm, empathetic, and capable of dealing with the stress that is so much a feature of the sales professions