Self-Awareness is an emotional intelligent skill and is about being aware of the way you feel and the impact your feelings can have on decisions, behaviour and performance. When we are emotionally self-aware, we are present with the role feelings are playing in our decisions, behaviour, and performance. When we are not, we are often disconnected from this influence.

Here are the six habits of self-aware people;

  • They share what they like and do not like about things. They are open, honest and to the point. You always know where you stand with them.
  • They know what emotions and events can contribute to bias in their thinking and decision-making which makes them rational and critical thinkers.
  • They always ask themselves why they are responding to things the way they do and what impact are they are having on others.
  • They always seek feedback from others on their behaviours and how they impact others.
  • They take the time to consider what they can be like in their best and worst mood at work.
  • They behave in a way that is consistent with how they describe themselves to be.

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Marcus van WyK